Baytrail Trikes specializes in the sales, fitting, and outfitting of recumbent trikes, handcycles, and adaptive cycles. Check our Adaptive Cycling page to see some of our work. Extend your range with Electric Assist available on most trikes.

We offer test rides on the San Francisco Bay Trail in Berkeley, California by appointment.


Top End Handcyles: All Models


ICE: Adventure, Sprint, Full Fat, VTX, Fast Track Models


Hase: Trigo, Kettweisel, Lepus, Pino


Sun: Recumbent Trikes


Please contact us for an appointment or more information.

(510) 497-1828

ICE Full Fat with ICE Adventure
Hase Kettwiesel and Lepus as tandem
Greenspeed Anura
Hase Adaptive pedal with Calf support